Smart Bus Shelters

Smart Bus Shelters

Smart Bus Stops

For a long time, bus shelters have remained virtually unchanged. Typically, they have provided as a sitting area that can be used while awaiting transportation, as well as shelter from the natural elements like sun, wind and rain. It is also regarded as a mounting surface for static advertising. Bus Shelters have also been a cost to transportation authority. An initial capital investment is required to build them and some level of on-going expenditure is needed for maintenance. This further affects the quality of these structures rendering it unfit for use in long run. Second reason also has been that due to lack of proper funding the Shelters are installed in phased manner or through funding from other organization thereby leading to varied look lacking uniformity.


We envision that in addition to providing the inherent purpose of sheltering from sun, wind and rain, a place to sit and a static advertisement places the new bus shelter should provide you with the following functions.

  •  Provide real time transit data like route numbers, arriving buses with their estimated arrival time.
  •  Provide interactive data to the users such as bus route maps and guides.
  •  It should be user friendly for elderly, children and physically challenged including tactile and braille boards for visually impaired.
  •  Provide safety by means of increasing visibility for waiting commuters
  •  Provide ICT facilities like WiFi Hotspots and mobile charging point.
  •  Provide space for advertisements.
  •  Should be low and maintenance.