Area based development

Area based development

“1628  acres  identified   in Central  Business  District  around   Hampankatta,   Bunder  and  Car Street  is proposed for Retrofitting  and Redevelopment under ten identified projects.”


1.Central Civic Node - 100 acres,

2.Hampankatta   Junction Retail Node - 27 acres

3.Fisheries  Harbor  Redevelopment   - 22 acres

4.Old Port Redevelopment - 10 acres

5.Upgraded Temple Precinct/ Religious Zone - 57 acres

6.Waterfront and Marina Development - 25 acres

7.Mixed-use  Zone  for  IT services,   Offices,  Small-Scale  industries,   Hospitality   and  leisure  alongside limited-capacity   factory functioning  by Adaptive  Reuse of Tile factories - 42 acres

8.Upgrading  District General Hospitals  (Wenlock and Lady Goshen) 17 acres

9.Public Connector  Streets  Leading to Waterfront Development   as Commercial  & Retail  Zone - 47 acres

10.Solar Farm on Island facing  Bunder - 20 acres


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