Implementation of E-Smart School (Civil Infrastructure)

Transforming the existing Government School in ABD Area into the Smart Schools has been envisaged under the Mangaluru Smart City Mission. In this regard, Mangaluru Smart City Ltd (MSCL) intends to implement the proposals related to the project.

The project aims to retrofit the government schools with better infrastructure and ICT solutions. Thirteen government school premises in ABD area are selected for the project.

The project includes basic infrastructure upgradation of the school, providing sports infrastructure and smart class rooms.

The following Government Schools falling under ABD Area have been identified for
implementation of the project.
GUPS, (Government Upper Primary School) Basthigarden, Ward No-41
GUPS, (Government Upper Primary School) Neereshwalya, Ward No-45
GUPS, (Government Upper Primary School) Pandeshwara, Ward No-46
GLPS, (Government Lower Primary School) Hoigebazar, Ward No-57
GHS, (Government High School)Hoigebazar, Ward No-57
Government Practicing HS, Mangaluru, Ward No-46
GUPS, (Government Upper Primary School) Bunder (Urdu), Ward No-44
GHS, (Government High School) Bunder (Urdu), Ward No-44
Primary School, Jyothi Circle, Balmatta, Ward No-40
Secondary School Jyothi Circle, Balmatta, Ward No-40
GUPS, (Government Upper Primary School) Bolar, Ward No-58
GUPS, (Government Upper Primary School)Bolar West (Urdu), Ward No-58
Govt. Womens Pre-university college Rathabeedi, Carstreet Ward No-43

Total Project Cost : Rs.16.00 Crores.