LED Light in Govt. Buildings

“Conversion of all Lighting in the Government Buildings, in ABD Area, into LED” is one of the projects identified under Mangaluru Smart City Proposal aimed for use of LED luminaires for internal lighting in Government Buildings.

It is proposed to change all the lights in government buildings in the city to LED. Projects aims to reduce power usage and thereby reduce carbon foot prints.

The number of buildings considered for the project are 27 government buildings. Total number fixtures are 10,523 NOS.

Total Project Cost : Rs. 1.91 Crores

 Existing internal lighting in the Government Building is in the form of CFL, FTL and Incandescent lamps. Outside area is illuminated by halogen lamps Sodium Vapour lamps and Metal Halide Lamps.

With the advancements in LED Technology, The Ministry of Natural Renewable Energy (MNRE) strongly recommends switching over from the above conventional lighting to LED lighting with overall objective of saving of electricity and low maintenance on account of longer life of LED lamps and environment friendly atmosphere.

Pursuant to success of Hon’able Prime Minister’s National LED Programme (UJALA and SNLP) launched in 2015 to facilitate rapid adoption of LED based home and street lighting across country, the Central Government also took a decision for mandatory installation of LED based lighting and Energy Efficient Equipment’s in all Government Building. The decision came in view of the fact that Government Buildings are a major source of energy Consumption. Usage of LED Based Lighting and energy efficient equipment’s in government building will lead to economy in expenditure and savings in the long run through reduction in energy consumed.

In view of Central Government’s initiatives and to enable overall sustainable initiatives under Mangaluru Smart City, it is prudent to adopt the “Transfer of Technology” from Conventional Lights into LED



UG Cable laying,spun pole & transformer erection,Feeder pillar installation in progress