Pedestrian Plaza

Mangaluru Smart City has proposed a DPR FOR PEDESTRIAN UNDERPASS AT CLOCK TOWER CIRCLE. The major focus on this project is to provent traffic load and pedestrian safety.

Pedestrian Plaza near clock tower has been proposed as necessary design solution to cater to the traffic and pedestrian needs along the Nehru Maidan Road and Maidan west road.

Most pedestrian crashes occur while the pedestrians are attempting to cross the road. One effective way of preventing crashes between vehicles and pedestrians is placing them at different levels, or `grade separating` them.

The width of the underpass is 10m so as to eliminate the claustrophobic effects of any underground structure.




Pedestrian Plaza Phase 1 - Structural Work completed. Finishing Work in progress.
Pedestrian Plaza Phase 2 - Finishing Work in progress.


Total Project Cost: Rs. 6.00 Crores