Smart Sports

Smart Sports

1. The Sports Development Under Mangaluru Smart City Mission is close to the execution. There are a few projects under Sports to become Reality.

Mangala stadium is the only major public stadium in the vibrant city of Mangalore. It is proposed to upgrade the existing facilities of Mangala stadium campus into a state of the art international standards. The stadium shall be developed into a Modern sports facility to meet aspirations of the sportspersons and citizens.

Total Project Cost : Rs. 10.00 Crores.


2.  The projects aims to provide a state of the art, modern indoor stadium facility for Badminton and Kabaddi.
The proposed stadium includes 6 interchangeable Badminton and Kabaddi courts, all player and supporting facilities, comfortable spectator/ audience seating, a sports club including café and member facilities, commercial space for economic self sustenance of the facility etc.

Total Project Cost : Rs. 35.00 Crores.


3. Another project is to develop an Olympic size swimming pool along community Level Facilities at Yemmekere ground, Mangaluru which can host international swimming competitions.

The proposal includes swimming pool complex with all amenities, development of existing cricket ground to international standards. The complex also includes parking space for 50 cars.

Total Project Cost : 24.94 Crores.