Srimanthi Bai Memorial Government Museum (Bejai Museum)

This museum is located just a kilometer east of the KSRTC bus stand, which houses a variety of antiquities including wooden carvings of divinities such as Bhairava and Hanuman, stone sculptures dating back to 13th century, porcelain and an outstanding bronze bell with a miniature Lakshmi shrine.It also exhibits materials of art, archaeology, ethnology, palm leaf photographs, paper paintings, manuscripts, sculptures, oil paintings, metal objects and paper manuscripts.


Bejai Museum is situated at Bejai in the core of the Mangalore. Regularly alluded to as Seemanthi Bai Government Museum, it is the city`s just exhibition hall. Celebrated around the world for giving a connection between present day Indian history and the sixteenth century, the historical center has accumulations of old and outside coins. With coins having a place with British East India Company and Pakistan, and snappy compositions, the gallery gives a knowledge into the Indian history and legacy. Named after the mother, Seemanthi Bai, of an officer, V.R. Mirajkar, of British Raj, the exhibition hall houses an abundance of metallic symbols, statues, lights and engravings made of copper. Copper engraving containing the verses of Keladi Venkatappa Nayaka, dating from 1624 AD is the feature of the historical center. Light stands and tea kettles from Kashmir, Lahore and different spots are likewise put in plain view in the exhibition hall.

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