Zoological Garden, Pilikula

The speciality of this zoo is that the wild animals are not kept in cages. They are in the open. However, there are partitions like wide trenches or wire mesh, in order to avoid direct contact with visitors. There are tigers, leopards, bears and other wild animals inside the park.

A significant Biological Park is established in Pilikula Nisarga Dhama has major focus on the wildlife species of Western Ghats. The park is named as Dr. Shivaram Karnath Biological Park. The park consists of an area of 82 hectares.

In accordance with prevailing laws, the central Zoo Authority of India has recognized the park. As per modern Zoological practices, the animal enclosures have been designed to closely resemble its natural habitat.

The park has a Veterinary hospital with operation theatre, diagnostic lab and other facilities like treatment squeezers, close observation cages, and hand raring facilities for young ones, tranquilizing guns and drugs, Proper underground drainage facility is provided for enclosures.

Pilikula Zoo has been classified as a Major Zoo by the Central Zoo Authority of India.  It is the only zoo recognized as a breeding centre for King Cobras. It is also functioning as a rescue centre for wounded wild life.  Today Pilikula Zoo has 400 animals, reptiles and birds and most of the species are breeding.

Pilikula organizes a number of training and awareness programmes for teachers, students etc., for the conservation of Bio-diversity, Heritage and Culture. However for the development, maintenance and for various programmes, it entirely depends on local revenue and donations.  It incurs huge cost on feeding, medicines, shelters, management etc. Therefore it needs support from the public to maintain and develop as one of the best Zoos of our country. Amazingly, Pilikula has been made possible by generous people who understand the need & benefit of conserving biodiversity and cultural heritage and have come forward with financial resources as well as personal involvement.

Now, Pilikula has launched a programme of “Adoption of Animals”.   In this programme the donor can adopt an animal by donating its cost of feeding, medicine, maintenance etc.  

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