Development of Kadri Park

Mangaluru Smart City has proposed a Development of Kadri Park. The main aim of this project is to develop the existing Kadri Park Road situated between Kadri Park and Kadri Park 2 (old deer park) totally measuring 779 M in length and 6.28 acres (25,433 Sqm) in area as a suitable annexure to the existing Kadri Park with all required facilities of leisure and citizens user amenities.

This project is proposed to develop the road and  immense value to the existing Kadri Parks through addition of well-designed spaces and amenities for rich and varied experiences of Eateries & Shopping, Exercise & Play, Recreation, Leisure and Events for the Citizens of Mangaluru and Tourists”.

Proposed activities in the proposed development:
1)Parking for Kadri Park users
2)Exercise & fitness activities such as Walking / Jogging / Yoga.
3)Leisure & Recreation
5)Food and eateries
6)Children play spaces
8)Nature play including watching birds, fish, butterflies, flora & fauna.
9)Facilities and amenities for users

Total length of the road is 779 m and proposed area of development is 6.28 acres (25,433 Sq.m)

Total Project Cost : Rs. 12.00 Crores.


Work issued on 16.12.2021.
Irrigation - pressure testing in progress.
Electrical Conduit work 80% completed.
Granite Pergola work in progress.